Das bewegte Herz

the moving heart

interdisciplinary symposium

Polypille exercise – largely underestimated!

This Friday and Saturday, I attended the symposium Das bewegte Herz (the active heart) in Linz, OÖ. The interdisciplinary symposium covered topics like physical activity von healthy and ill populations (cardiac patients) and was held together with the Jahrestagung 2018 der ÖGAHM. Physicians, sport scientist, physiotherapists or occupational therapists discussed the polypill exercise in primary and secondary prevention, the different concepts in the various rehab centres in Austria. The key to all success is adherence and compliance, both have to be increased, as the polypill exercise really lags far behind the other pills, with the advantages being obvious and clearly understood!

Individual training and proper ergometries!

Further, individual management of training and load as the center of success was discussed underscoring the necessity of proper stress tests. Only proper stress testing allows for correct training guidance and risk reductions – nevertheless if we have a healthy or ill individuals on the schedule. Many do not know he guidelines which outline the key aspects perfectly and in clear word.

Decisive for the future will be the correct personell at the right jobs. Old routines still rule the rehab world with new demand awaiting. Even rehabilitation has to move with the time and the requirements changed dramatically in some areas, less in others. The various professional groups support the update in the Austrian rehabilitation centres, but the will to change is lacking. We should act fast as time is more than running!

Quo vadis, cura?

Preannouncement for 2019

On the 7th and 8th November 2019 the next symposium will be held in Hall in Tirol! Save the date 🙂

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