Gib dem Risiko keine Chance II.


After the first day being rather a disaster (when it comes to sports medicine – all data, no new insights or inputs, all from the ages!) the second day really satisfied my expectations!

First a short review on the first day:
After attending this years ECSS, the first day of this symposium was rather disappointing, with the new inputs being rather rare. Besides the new insights on HIIT in rehabilitation, there were some quite interesting facts on psyche and physique and the rather small held issue “sex life after myocard infarction”. With Let’s talk about sex it was again obvious that the topic sex is underrepresented in talks and when it comes to patient-doctor-talks. Being important up until old age, it IS important to TALK about sex! Questions and answers will come up and fear may disappear or at least be reduces.

The second day:
Already the first session covered the different training protocols and regimes, with the questions being asked were rather surprising for a sport scientist keeping in mind that many of the attendees give training sessions and classes. The connection to sport and physiology and exercise science is often the missing point and this cut is rather crucial when it comes to the right training loads and intensities, especially when it comes to adherence and drop-outs. The main goal is to keep the patients active and to make exercise a habit – which goes hand in hand with motivation! The compliance is essential, the motivation the fact we must provide!

Next sessions covered the issue devices and sport. Especially devised require the understanding of training loads, intensities and exercise. People with devices can do sports, not all kinds of professional sports but they stay active. Right, they are not like waking on eggshells, just keep an extra eye on them and remind yourself of the device. But even a supported heart need exercise and they will have fun doing it!

My conclusion on the two days:

Pseudo-nordic walking und waking is not sports as medicine – sweating is a part of it all – and we have to move!

and how Paracelsus von Hohenheim used to say Alle Dinge sind Gift, und nichts ist ohne Gift. Allein die Dosis machts, dass ein Ding ein Gift sein kann! Dosis facit venenum!

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