D-A-CH cardiac rehabilitation

A case for cardio-pulmonary exercise testing

in rehab and prevention... CPET should be the state of the art!

Everything the heart desires

Cardio-pulmonary exercise testing is the heart of the matter! Proscribed, almost non existing when I think of the last symposia and talks on stress testing because CPET is too time-consuming and there is not much additional information in its results… there was an absolute commitment to it – after valve surgery, in patients with HFrEF, HFpEF, CMP! And the reason why one should go for CPET is because training advice is much clearer and more precise with the spirometric data. It should be the rule rather than the exception!

Starting with coronary artery diseases – should you advice drugs, which, polypill or a pretty mess of drugs – the day continued with talks on high blood pressure, a well known, prevalent disease, that is often underestimated despite its massive health implications (no matter whether it is stress-induced or only measured in the doctor’s office). The rehab-day was concluded with sessions on artrial fibrillation, AF and exercise, followed by valve cases (management, how to treat,..).

Additionally and that is always the nice side effect on such symposia I saw many familiar faces, chatted to many friends and colleagues about the talks, work, eng and training, the upcoming interactive workshop on training and load in cardiac rehab centre-based endurance training – and finally I had a short walk around the old soccer stadium at Lehen – or the remaining of it. That were the good old soccer times in Salzburg… what memories, what parties, what matches 😉

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