Sport scientific training therapy

What exactly is training therapy?

What exactly is sport scientific training therapy and rehab?

The sport scientific training therapy aims at maintaining or improving not only motion or locomotion but also the organ system through systematic training in areas like coordination, strength, endurance or balance.

Corresponding training methods and elements will help to prevent you from injuries or diseases (e.g. cardiovascular disease) or help you to improve and enhance your rehabilitation after injury. The individual training intensity and training loads will be defined according to the basics of functional anatomy and physiology, as well as the newest training and movement science findings. This kind of individualism is essential, since there does not exist a common law of practice and training schedule, which suits everybody – rather, it is a very individual thing!

Go to different services to find out what kind of training suits you best.

To be allowed to call oneself a training therapist and to receive the accreditation to work in this area of the health training therapy (Medizinische Assistenzberufe-Gesetz – MABG, BGBl. I Nr. 89/2012) requires a notification from the Austrian Federal Ministry of Health according to the qualification profile (460. Verordnung des Bundesministers für Gesundheit über Qualifikationsprofil und Ausbildung für SportwissenschafterInnen in der Trainingstherapie; Trainingstherapie-Ausbildungsverordnung – TT-AV; BGBl. II Nr. 460/2012).

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