Performance testing and diagnostics

No matter if you do sports just for maintain your health or if you are a recreational, amateur, professional or semi-professional! To reach certain goals and effects, you must train with the right intensities and loads! Performance diagnostics allows define the right training intensities, durations etc. Diagnoses will usually be performed in the lab on a bike ergometer but this may differ in case of field diagnostics (e.g. on a track, on the field etc.). Optionally, body composition measurements (body, fat, BMI,…) or muscle function testing can also be done. The test offers include:

In preparation for a test, make sure that:
there are no competitions or intensive training sessions two days before the test. As this may effect your energy stores, the test result may not reflect your actual performance level. With regard to nutrition, no changes to the usual habits should be made. Furthermore, make sure that you drink and sleep enough. Do not drink any coffee at least two hours prior to the test!

I will send you the test results within two days after the diagnostics per mail!

A special performance diagnosis offer is available for teams. Together with Dr. Claus Hoflehner, I offer performance diagnosis including ECG recording and diagnosis. More information on the offers is available in the Teamdiagnostik-Flyer (German only!)!