D-A-CH sports cardiology and cardiac rehabilitation

Myocarditis is sind ein häufiges Thema, da sie zu einer mehrmonatigen Wettkampfpause zwingen und nicht gar so selten auftreten. Die Vorbeugung derselben ist leider kaum oder nur schwer möglich – Sport bei Fieber sollte aber auf alle Fälle untersagt werden, intensiver Sport bei leichten Infekten ebenso! Bei den Therapien wird die konservative 6-monatige Pause immer […]

D-A-CH cardiac rehabilitation

Cardio-pulmonary exercise testing is the heart of the matter! Proscribed, almost non existing when I think of the last symposia and talks on stress testing because CPET is too time-consuming and there is not much additional information in its results… there was an absolute commitment to it – after valve surgery, in patients with HFrEF, […]

Interactive workshop – Training and loads in cardiac reha

covering performance diagnostics (ergometry, spiroergometry, 6MWT) EKG-monitoring (during ergometer training) training and training loads (cycling ergometer, in cardiac rehabilitation) exercise profiles (settings, options, tips and tricks) that means we do lots of sport scientific and medical stuff, really looking forward to the workshop! CU there!

VIP-Opening beim BIKEDOC in Wels

Yesterday, I was at the VIP-Opening of Mani’s tiny little BIKEDOC-shop. The sport scientist and shop owner Manuel Geyer helps you with your bike problems, knocks them into shape and keeps you pedalling! Attending were also some Austrian cyclists, local politicians and some familiar faces. The atmosphere was great, we laughed a lot, chatted, ate and […]

Das bewegte Herz

This Friday and Saturday, I attended the symposium Das bewegte Herz (the active heart) in Linz, OÖ. The interdisciplinary symposium covered topics like physical activity von healthy and ill populations (cardiac patients) and was held together with the Jahrestagung 2018 der ÖGAHM. Physicians, sport scientist, physiotherapists or occupational therapists discussed the polypill exercise in primary and secondary […]

New cooperation with BikeDoc Mani Geyer

Since October, I have a new cooperation with sport scientist and former pro-cyclist Manuel Geyer, who opened his new bike shop in Wels. The BikeDoc and I collaborate in performance diagnostics and stress testing. Tests are almost every day possible, location is at Mani’s bike shop or in a doctor’s office at lake Attersee!

Sports Connecting Day

On the 29th November the second Sports Connecting Day will take place. At the  Department of sports and kinesiology of the University of Salzburg / USI at Rif sport scientists talk about their experiences, their jobs in the various areas of sport science. Additionally, companies from various backgrounds will be on hand to chat, give information and […]

Symposium Sports cardiology

The symposium on sports cardiology in Salzburg started with some interesting presentations on cardiac rehabilitation and results of recent research in Austria. Besides sayings like the current medicine, like we do it right now, exists only because the human being is that enduring, it was again essential that exercise is the best medicine and that many […]

Gib dem Risiko keine Chance II.

Postprocessing! After the first day being rather a disaster (when it comes to sports medicine – all data, no new insights or inputs, all from the ages!) the second day really satisfied my expectations! First a short review on the first day: After attending this years ECSS, the first day of this symposium was rather […]

Gib dem Risiko keine Chance

the two upcoming days, I’ll be staying at Frankfurt to attend the Gib dem Risiko keine Chance-symposium. It covers sports medicine, rehabilitation, prevention, cardiology. I’m really looking forward to it! Arriving at Frankfurt and being recognized by some colleagues from previous meetings, congresses or symposia makes one feel comfortable already. Nothing better than making friends, […]